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Call Center Direction

Inbound or Outbound? Inbound or outbound refers to the direction of calls. That is, whether the center makes calls (outbound) or receives calls (inbound).  

For an outsider – or even an uninformed insider – this would seem to be a small distinction. “What’s the big difference?”  They ask. “Both involve agents, use phones, and are supported by technology. If you are doing one, the other should not be a problem.”  Not so fast. The differences are as profound as night and day.

Not to be overlooked, the concept of blended call centers (those doing both inbound and outbound work) has been pursued, although with varying degrees of success. If you are just starting out, a blended call center is not recommended. Start being strictly inbound or strictly outbound. You can also add the other element once the first one has been mastered.

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