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In-house Call Centers

An in-house call center is a department or division of a company, that provides call center services for that company; they do not do work for other companies. The chief advantage of having an in-house call center is that direct control can be given to the call center, the agents, and what say and do.

An in-house call center can be either a cost-center or a profit-center. Call centers that are cost centers (that is, they do not generate enough revenue to cover their expenses and need to be subsidized by the company) usually find themselves in an ongoing fight for their continued existence. This is not an ideal situation, as the call center could have its budget reduced or eliminated with each fiscal year or economic downturn.

A call center that is a profit center, generates sales or business activity that more than covers its own operating expenses. Therefore, it is much more immune to threats of elimination or budget reduction, as such a move would have a ripple effect throughout the company.

This distinction is often one that is more of perspective then reality and savvy call center managers should always seek to position their call center as a profit-center.

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