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Offshore Call Centers

An outsource call center is not synonymous with an offshore call center.

A recent trend has been moving call center activity to other countries which boast stable technological infrastructures and offer qualified workers who possess lower wage expectations. This is typically referred to as offshore outsourcing and is too often incorrectly shortened to outsourcing. This is incorrect shorthand, as the majority of U.S. call center outsourcing is, and will continue to be, to U.S.-based call centers.

Offshore outsourcing, which is getting all the attention, is a small minority of the total call center outsource picture. Although offshore outsourcing will continue to occur and will increase, it will be some time before it becomes the majority of all call center outsourcing.

Companies wishing to pursuing offshore outsourcing should proceed carefully. It is recommended at they find a local partner in the country they wish to enter. This partner should be able to effectively work with local and national governing bodies and obtain the needed permits, licenses, and approvals. They should also be able to explain the local culture and help in hiring.

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